We always support our local organizations, but since Rotary is an international organization, we can leverage our funds with them to help anywhere in the world!  Local projects, like feeding our homeless vets are always at the top of the list!

RYLA- Rotary Youth Leadership

Each year our Rotary District 6330 holds a Youth Leadership Camp.  Riverside Sunrise chooses to send 10 or more local high school students to this valuable training.  The kids are instructed in leadership programs and activities that are designed to inspire our future leaders and to give these kids a chance to achieve beyond their normal experiences.  We see most of these kids going to college and staying active in community projects and suport. 

Eddie Dee's Senior Center

Each year, as often as we arrange, we bring our Interact students to help decorate and serve the seniors lunch or dinner, and sometimes to call Bingo!  These seniors do not have many regular visitors, so bringing the energy and enthusiasm of these high schoolers is often the highlight of their week.  For the kids, this is such a great lesson in helping not just others, but those who are older and often neglected.  We all have a great time!

Feeding Homeless Vets at MARB

Homeless Vets are a problem everywhere, but our Vets are fortunate to have facitlies at March Air Reserve Base where they can be housed and fed.  Budget cuts have taken away their ability to feed the Vets, so our Rotary brings food, prepares the meal, the serves it with the help of our Interact and Rotaract kids.  We still have a great facility to serve, and as this picture shows, we always make sure that they have great Holidays!

Choosing our projects...

Medical Visits to San Javier, MX

Luckily, one of our members, Jim Rector, has a small plane to fly medical help to a small village on the Baja Peninsula.  They are almost 100 miles from the nearest facility, so these quarterly vistis are often their only chance for medical exams, vacinations, dental exams, and to have their eyes checked.  Jim flies each team for a weekend to help these people, and they are so grateful as is often the only time that they will have any chance to be seen by a medical professional.